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How to empower sap.ui.table by adding Excel-like cells selection and arrow keys navigation without external libraries (Part 1)

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Working with the sap.ui.table element there could be the requirement to replicate some Excel functionalities.

Today I want to share how I enabled the Excel-like cells selection without using external libraries.

This solution will enable also the arrow keys navigation between cells.

Empower ui table with excel-like cells selection

Working in the App Designer

  • Open the application in the App Designer

  • In my scenario I created a simple page with a new sap.ui.table element and the following properties:

  • Insert some sap.ui.table.columns with their labels

    Columns labels
  • Add for each column a sap.m.input as child, binding then in the value property the field name

    Input binding
  • This should be the result

    App designer objects structure
  • Create a new JavaScript function with the following code

    GitHub - enableExcelFnToUiTable.js
  • In the initialize Script call the new function created

try {
  sap.ui.getCore().attachInit(function () {
    // custom js function for add exel functions to sap.ui.Table
} catch (e) {
  console.log("Error from initialize: " + e.toString());
  • Open the Stylesheet section and paste the following CSS
/* Table excel CSS style */
.tableExcelStyle .sapUiTableDataCell > .sapUiTableCellInner {
  padding: 0;
.tableExcelStyle .sapMInputBaseContentWrapper {
  border: 0px;
.tableExcelStyle .sapMInputBaseHeightMargin,
.tableExcelStyle .sapMInputBaseContentWrapper,
.tableExcelStyle .sapMInputBaseInner {
  margin: 0px;
  height: 32px;
.tableExcelStyle .sapUiTableCell:focus:not(*:root) {
  outline: none;
.customFocusExcelStyle input {
  outline-offset: -2px;
  outline: 2px solid #135699 !important;
  • Create a new sap.m.popover with the following properties
    titleBulk Edit
  • Insert inside the popover a new sap.m.input
    Create the popover element with a input inside
  • In the sap.m.input change event use the following JavaScript code
var newValue = informTableBulkEditValue.getValue();

// populate all cells selected
let cellsSelected = $(".customFocusExcelStyle");
let inputObj = null;
if (cellsSelected.length > 0) {
  for (var a = 0; a < cellsSelected.length; a++) {
    if (cellsSelected[a].id) {
      inputObj = sap.ui.getCore().byId(cellsSelected[a].id);
      if (inputObj) {

// reset old selections

// reset input value

// close the popover when done


Here a GIF:

Open GIF

If we log the model data of the table we can see the fields updated correctly

Create the popover element with a input inside

How it works

In enableExcelFnToUiTable Javascript function we first wait the rendering of the with the addEventDelegate method.

Then to allow the drag cells selection we use the onmousedown / onmousemove / onmouseup events on the table.

In the onmousedown event we clear the old selections by removing the css class customFocusExcelStyle, then using the event parameter we check if the current element it's a input in order to store it into a variable (we will need it in the onmousemove event to understand which is the first cell where the drag started).

In the onmousemove event we also check the current element. Then we calculate the various rows / cells indexes in order to select also the cells between.

In the onmouseup event we open the popover on the last cell selected.

For the arrow keys navigation we use the onkeydown event where we do a similar logic based on the key pressed.

What's next

  • The code can be improved and readapted for specific scenarios

  • Other elements like combobox or select can be used instead only inputs

  • Instead the popover another element can be used (like a menu that opens a new dialog etc...)

  • External libraries offers more functionalities so maybe this solution doesn’t work for all scenarios

  • In OpenUI5 ondemand there is an example with a similar functionality (with a plugin?):

    Openui5 Ondemand - Sample: Cell Selection, Copy & Paste
  • I created a Part 2 where the Control + Click multi-cells selection is enabled on the table

Hope this helps

Happy cells-selection!