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How to change standard icons of UI5 elements with CSS

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Using UI5 elements like Input or ComboBox we could have the requirement to change the standard icon.

It can be done using Javascript, example:

sap.ui.getCore().attachInit(function (startParams) {    
        onAfterRendering: function () {            

Today I want to share instead how achieve the same result using CSS as alternative.

Working in the App Designer

  • In my case I created a new app with a SimpleForm with inside the Label and the ComboBox
App Designer Structure
  • Select the Combobox element and assign a new CSS class in the styleClass property (in my case comboCustomIcon)
StyleClass Property
  • Open the application in a new window and inspect the icon we want to change
Application DOM Inspect
  • The ComboBox standard icon is inside the before pseudo-element, in the content property
ComboBox CSS property
  • Open now the UI5 Icon Explorer website and choose an icon, in my case I will use the sap-icon//arrow-bottom
  • Click on the icon in order to get the Unicode in the right side of the page
UI5 Icon Explorer
  • In the StyleSheet section of the App Designer we combine our custom css class with .sapUiIcon::before, then inside the content property we insert the Unicode replacing the x character with backslash
.comboCustomIcon .sapUiIcon::before {    
    content: '\e04e';


Here we can see the new icon:

ComboBox with the new icon changed with CSS

Hope this helps

Happy CSS coding!