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How to create a Dynamic Numeric Tile with a sync countdown timer

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In the Neptune DXP platform it’s possible to give dynamic informations to the user by creating for example a NumericContent tile. We are also able to run a custom application in card with the Live application type.

Today I want to share how I created a custom tile showing the actual number of Purchase Orders, the time remaining for the next sync with the relative progress bar.

Dynamic Numeric Tile with sync countdown timer

Create a new App

  • Open the App Designer and create a new application
  • Inside the HTML5 Document element insert the following elements: sap.m.VBox > sap.m.ObjectHeader > sap.m.ObjectAttribute
  • Inside the sap.m.ObjectHeader insert a new sap.m.HBox
  • In the Resource element create a new Script (initialize)
App Designer Structure
  • Select the sap.m.ObjectHeader and set the icon and numberUnit properties (in my case sap-icon://sales-quote and orders)
  • Assign a css styleClass
Object Header CSS class
  • Select now the sap.m.HBox element and also here assign the styleClass
HBox CSS class
  • In the initialize Script use the following JavaScript code
sap.ui.getCore().attachInit(function (data, navObj) {
  let intervalSeconds = 15; // seconds
  let countdownCounter = intervalSeconds;
  // test data
  let tileCounter = 593; // tile number
  // countdown interval (each second)
  setInterval(function () {
    objectAttribute.setText("Sync in " + countdownCounter + " seconds");
      (countdownCounter * 100) / intervalSeconds + "%"
    // when reach 0 reset the countdown
    if (countdownCounter === 0) {
      countdownCounter = intervalSeconds;
    } else {
  }, 1000);
  • Open now the Stylesheet section and paste the following css
.objectHeader .sapMOH {
    padding: 1rem;
.objectHeader .sapUiIcon {
    color: #27ae60;
.hboxProgress {
    background: #e67e22;
    height: 5px;
    transition: 1s width;
    width: 100%;

Create the Tile

  • Open the Neptune Cockpit and go to the Tile section
  • Create a new tile with the following properties
Tile properties
  • In the layout section you can set those flags
Tile layout properties
  • And the Tile Size
Tile layout properties
  • You can now assign the tile to a tilegroup and use it on your own launchpad


Here a GIF:

Open GIF

What's next

  • Implement a new Ajax in the application for read data from the backend
  • Change the CSS style
  • Edit the countdown seconds

You can find more details here:

Tile - Guide - Neptune Software Community

Happy coding!